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Download your tickets

Before you attempt to scan, please make sure you have followed all of the instructions in section 1, Getting Started with Scanfast / Device Setup.

Activate Scanner

Tap launc scanner to open the main scanner view, which displays a viewfinder of your device’s camera. You can also tap the square target icon in the top right to activate the scanner at any time.

Start Scanning!
  • Position the scanner within 6-8 inches of the ticket.
  • Locate the barcode within the guided corners in the app’s viewfinder. (You may need to adjust the distance or lighting to allow the camera’s aperture to focus correctly. See the FAQ for more information.)
  • When properly focused, the scanner will automatically detect the barcode.
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  • The scanner will display a notification to inform you whether the ticket is valid or invalid. If the ticket is invalid, a message will indicate the problem with the scan. Ticket Already Scanned means that the ticket has already been checked in. Ticket Not Found means that the ticket is not valid for the events currently downloaded to the device.
  • The message will quickly disappear and return to the viewfinder, allowing you to scan the next ticket.

For a group of tickets within a single order

Once the scanner has validated the barcode, the app displays a menu with all tickets associated with that order.

  • Tap Check In All to validate all tickets at once, or tap individual tickets and tap Check In to select the tickets that you want to validate at this time.
  • For tickets that have already been validated, you can tap Check Out to allow the ticket to be scanned later.
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